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Gregory Matthews
Gregory Matthews

Established in the summer of 2012 by recent college graduate Gregory Matthews, Gregory Matthews Web Design has been committed to producing unique website design solutions for a variety of businesses in the Kingston Ontario area. From restaurants to health care to small enterprises, each client gets a solution that is best suited to their way of doing business. Sites are built to showcase the content while branding the online experience so customers can easily identify the business through the look and feel of the website. Content management systems can be generated to allow clients to take charge of the dynamic content available on their site. Continued support is offered in the form of small cosmetic updates, dated content removal and insertion, and any small bug or detail in content or presentation. Search engine optimization strategies are integrated over time as the site evolves to suit the needs of the client.

Development Details

All sites developed by GMWD are done from scratch (without the use of templates), using simple tools like a text editor (Notepad++) and image editor (Paint.NET). During the development process, clients are kept apprised of the progress through a demonstration URL while a splash page will appear to visitors on the client's actual web address while the site is under construction. Clients can expect new content to be added to the development site within a couple of business days of receiving the information. Communication is maintained at all times through email, or if the need is urgent, by cellphone. Clients are encouraged to be active during development to ensure that colours and layouts conform to their needs.

GMWD has many resources available to help clients get the exact look they would like for their site. This comes in the form of icons, stock photos, graphics, and fonts. GMWD also maintains a close relationship with a Graphic Design Artist, (Carm Hunter - he helped design the GMWD logo), for customed graphics and images. These tools allow for good product recognition through branding (having the website done in similar colours and formats as the client's logo or physical location), so it is easily recognized as belonging to the client. Because GMWD uses open-sourced (free) programs during development, clients are not billed to recover the cost of the tools.

Some of the features designed by GMWD include event calendars, image libraries, link lists, Facebook/Twitter integration, and graphic animations. Gregory has experience with straight programming and can create just about any element for a client website. Please Contact GMWD if you would like a consultation or project quote.