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College Highlights

Gregory Matthews

I was born in Ottawa, raised in Cornwall, and currently reside in Kingston. I have always shown an affinity for computers and focused on that subject during high school. At the time, I had taken every available high-tech course offered. Even though I had done extremely well in my graduating year from high school, I discovered that I did not have the maturity to finish post-secondary.

Many years later, I returned to enroll in the Computer Engineering Technician program at St. Lawrence College Cornwall. I did a lot better than I expected so I extended my stay for another year to graduate as a Computer Engineering Technologist with Forensics and thus graduated from Cornwall twice: once in 2007 and again in 2008.

The economy was experiencing a recession and there weren't any good jobs available so after months of searching, I decided that I would spend the time building upon my education. I looked around and found that a sister campus to my alma mater, St. Lawrence College Kingston, was offering a three year diploma for a Computer Programmer Analyst. I picked up and moved to Kingston. I continued my scholastic achievement and graduated yet again in 2012.

Over the six years I'd spent in college, I'd maintained a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average and won a total of 17 awards including the Governor General Medal at my 2008 graduation and again at my 2012 graduation - a feat I had actually managed when I graduated High School in 1991 although I didn't appreciate it at the time.

Just before finishing my last year at St. Lawrence College Kingston, a friend who had helped me during school to get a couple of small web projects, (one for a tutoring centre and another with the college paper), hooked me up with a number of companies that were looking for custom designed websites. My five year plan had been to be a freelance programmer, and here was an opportunity to do that right after college! I've been working for myself ever since.

During my college years, I had a couple of jobs relating to my vocation. During the summer of 2007, I was hired by the college in Cornwall to help the head technician prepare the labs for the upcoming school year. Tracing switches and ghosting machines were my primary jobs, though I did get to play around with a project to allow teachers to post messages on a television in the lab for students to see. A requirement of my program in Kingston was job placement and I was hired by Sentry Security Systems, a company that sells and services video surveillance packages, to redesign their in-house inventory tracking system and to create a website to help out their resellers. Neither project is available to the general public, so I can't link to them. They are still using the software and love it. I also offered my services as a peer tutor, helping my fellow students for almost the entire six college years. I've done some tutoring since graduation and hope to pick some more.

Another contact at the college in Kingston got me a huge contract with an international company with a plant here in Kingston called Haakon Industries. They manufacture HVAC equipment at both their Kingston site and at another another in Washington state. I designed Human Resources software using the client/server model of web design. The project took almost two years to complete and I still sometimes go in to make a tweak here and there. Since the software is strictly used in-house, I can't demo it.

There is a lot more to me than just being a college geek living the dream. I'm also an artist and gaming aficionado! If you really want to know more about me, I suggest that you visit my personal website at