Projects Developed by
Gregory Matthews Web Design

Below is a showcase of sites that have been designed by GMWD. This does not represent all work done by GMWD, just the ones that are still maintaining an up to date online presence. Some sites just faded out of relevance while others had funding cuts or changes in online policies. Some sites do not show up here because they are private pages that the general public has no access to. If you would like your business to be added to this list, please Contact GMWD and I'll get you started.

Centre for Rational and Cognitive Behaviours

Centre for Rational and Cognitive Behaviours Brockville, Ontario, Canada

The Mansion Restaurant & Bar

The Mansion Restaurant & Bar Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Wolfe Island Grill

The Wolfe Island Grill Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

Author: M. H. Susanne Matthews

Author: M. H. Susanne Matthews Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

All Season Property Management

All Season Property Management Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Loyalist Martial Arts Academy

Loyalist Martial Arts Academy Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Rose Osteopathy & Wellness

Rose Osteopathy & Wellness Belleville, Ontario, Canada

MJM Funding

MJM Funding Exeter, Ontario, Canada

2923 RCACC Cadets

2923 RCACC Cadets Exeter, Ontario, Canada

TKA Farms Inc.

TKA Farms Inc. Exeter, Ontario, Canada

John Higgins Assault

John Higgins Assault Gananoque, Ontario, Canada

John's White Tail Taxidermy

John's White Tail Taxidermy Gananoque, Ontario, Canada

Big Jon's Home Improvement

Big Jon's Home Improvement Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

PuZ Pages (Personal Site)

PuZ Pages (Personal Site) Kingston, Ontario, Canada